Costa Rican Quest pt 2

It was an early start after our night at the treehouse restaurant the next morning, we went for a trek through the cloud forest at Monte Verdi. We did not see much more wildlife than the night before, but did get a better view of a tarantula and saw the same kind of snake.

After that we went zip-lining. Which was one of the best experiences ever. I have done zip lining before in the Caribbean, but these lines were longer and faster. There were 11 lines overall I think; mum did the first five or six, it was hard for her to jump up and clip on her harness each time. As we went on the lines are longer. There was also a free fall to get to one of them.

On the longest line you flew over the forest canopy immensely high up and there was an Eagle alongside which was just spectacular. The next was the longest zip line in Latin America and took over two minutes to get across, you could also do it lying down in the superman position which made it even more fun, if you ever get a chance to do it I would definitely recommend it.

At the and there was an optional Tarzan swing. You go out on this little walkway into nothing, open the gate and lean forwards and free fall till the catches you on the swing, for me that was the most fun part. (Did not go Arhhhahhhhahhh, like Tarzan though)

At the bottom Max had found a wild, although not venomous snake, he was beautiful and we had a hold before releasing it back into the wild, there were also people interviewing the people there about their experience at the rope swing and zip lines and a few of us including me got interviewed, I’m going to be on Costa Rica TV!

That afternoon we did the hanging bridges in the cloud forests. Basically just bridges hanging in the forest canopy, we saw a very beautiful bird, but that’s about it – although at the end we got to climb up through a tree which was really good fun. Overall it was a very busy day, we were exhausted when we got back.

The next day was a travel day again, this time to Quepos. It wasn’t a long drive, but on the way we stopped at a bridge over river full of crocodiles, at least 20 to 30 of them. Not too long ago I think two drunk people jumped in over the bridge… Didnt find much of them left.

At the hotel we dropped off our bags and quickly caught the bus down to the beach, we had lunch with our feet in the sand, but on some rather uncomfortable concrete chairs. Some people then went back to the hotel, or went to the port, while I convinced Annemie, Zoe, Max Maureen and Annika to go on a banana boat. We did quite well, only falling off twice.

That night me, Kim, Zoe and Annemie went to a bar for a salsa class, I was Annemies partner and she was very good teacher, she even showed me her special sexy move. A few of the Costa Rican guys took a fancy to Zoe and had her dancing, and Kim won at the casino so very good night.

There was this one man who danced with me, he was exactly breast height and kept moving his face forward and lowering his hand further down my back and spinning me around until I was disoriented, thankfully I managed to get away from him. We also met two Hawaiian surfer dudes and played pool with them, I think they want to take us back to the hotel which we quickly declined, said we might find them on the beach tomorrow instead.

The next morning we all went to Manuel Antonio National Park. Once in, after a nightmare queue getting the tickets, most of us went up towards the waterfall, saw a lot of bugs and a few spiders but no other animals, it was beautiful all the same and could hear the Howler monkeys.

Back down the path however we saw lots of sloths and then at the beach lots more sloths and Capuchin monkeys with stolen food and raccoons that snook up on you and took parts of people’s picnics.

We spent ages on the beach jumping waves and climbing rocks. On the way back we saw more Capuchins which are close enough to touch and some have babies. There were bright red crabs and also some squirrel monkeys which were cutest little things I had ever seen.

That night we went for a meal in El Avion, it’s inside a crashed WW2 aeroplane, it was also a ladies night back at the salsa bar so headed back there for a few drinks and dancing.

The next day was back to San Jose but not before a morning trip on a party boat. We each got a wristband which allowed us 8 free cocktails I think, anyone who knows me knows I get drunk off 2, so it was a little excessive. It was such a great day, we drank and sun bathed on the trampoline things, jumped off the top deck, chatted in the Jacuzzi with some big black African-American women and dance with them before swimming to the reef and snorkelling with fishes.

We then headed back to San Jose and got to meet back up with Jake before we all went out for a meal together back at the Cuban restaurant we had started at, and make sure to graffiti on the walls this time.

It was then time to say goodbye to everyone which was really hard because it was such an amazing group of people, thankfully most of us were still around for breakfast the next morning and got to have one last goodbye. We were so lucky to meet a group and just click, people you genuinely want to stay in touch with.

Me and Mum and Jake were staying in San Jose a few more days to explore and have some time just us three. While we were there, there was an art festival going on. The FYA festival, an international arts show. we watched group performances and marching bands, dancers, acrobats, street performers and this weird zombie live-action thing.

We went to the Gold Museum, which I found quite boring to be perfectly honest, mum and Jake like it anyway.  We then went through the market which was very noisy, small and cramped and expensive too! We went back a few days later and bought a few things with our very poor haggling skills.

While in San Jose we also did the Jade Museum, which Jake had already been to, and had missed an entire room with most of the jade. It was much more interactive which was much more interesting, it also had lots on the history and culture of the Mayans and people who used to live there.

On mums last full day we went to the National History Museum, we first went through the Butterfly garden, which was very large, then in the old prison and army barracks. After there was a lot of rooms starting with the indigenous people of Costa Rica, to people’s lives now. It was interesting but a lot of information to read, by the end I was just choosing specific little bits.

On the last day we spent it relaxing by the pool together. Me and Jake went in, then they quickly got out again as it was so cold, I swear the pool was chilled!

It was sad to say goodbye to mum but it had been great to see her and a great experience overall. The most amazing people and activities. Costa Rica was definitely one of my favourite places and happiest memories.

Next stop… Nicaragua.