Panama City

We left Jamaica on the 10th of May after 50 days.  As much as we were reluctant to leave, Jamaica seemed to be just as reluctant to let us go. Me and Jake squidged into the single seat in the front of Michael’s van, with two of the other workmates holding onto a load of timber in the back and drove to Kingston. We dropped off the other two firsts, and unloaded the van and got the airport only 20 minutes after we had planned.

I had already bought a plane ticket from Panama to Costa Rica, but Jake was going later by bus, because of this he didn’t have any proof of him leaving Panama; so Jamaica wouldn’t let him out of Jamaica.  We spent nearly an hour on their shoddy Wi-Fi trying to buy him a cheap ticket from Panama to anywhere – unsuccessfully. Every time we tried, the Wi-Fi I would cut out. In the end I had to beg to let him on the plane, and the woman at desk said to just lie to security to say you have a ticket and quickly ushered us through with only a few moments to spare. (Thankfully we didn’t talk to security or customs and definitely wouldn’t have lied.)

Very relieved we left Jamaica and got Panama, but once we had got there, there was no one to pick us up like we had booked. We waited around, no one showed, and eventually got normal taxi which ended up being five dollars cheaper anyway. We got the hostel (which took quite a while to find as it was not a common place) and there was so, so, so, so much traffic, and hundreds of cars. Once we got to the hostel we basically just collapsed, stress and travel really take it out of you.


The next day we had a walk around Panama City, feels quite safe, and very clean too. Had lunch which consisted of a huge chocolate and banana crêpe, which basically made the whole of yesterday fade into the distance, once back at the hostel we chatted to the guy at reception, he was Venezuelan and trying to learn English, so we spent a few hours trying to help him with his pronunciation before going for a drink. It was quite fun actually.


The second day we went to the Mira Flores lock, it was quite interesting, Jake enjoyed it more than I did, but the canal was very impressive. Sort of jaw dropping at the size of it and the work that went into it. We saw three huge ships go through, and the museum was good and the little cinema about it. We stayed nearly the whole day – but I believe that was more because Jake found it really good. In fact it was here that Jake asked me to take a photo of him. The only time in his life he actually wanted a photo!!


The next day we packed and headed for the bus terminal. We asked for Valle de Anton, the person behind the desk said okay and repeated Valle de Anton multiple times. Then we got on the bus and the bus driver repeated Valle de Anton again multiple times. It should’ve taken us  about two hours to get there.

At three hours I made Jake go to the front and ask the bus driver where we were. He said he’d forgotten about us and had gone straight past our stop! Nooo.

He gave us each a dollar and said to cross the road and go back. Which we did. Repeated Valley de Anton to the next bus driver he said yes, yes get on. Eventually dropping us off half an hour back down the road in Anton! Which happens to be about 30 or more kilometres away from the entrance to Valle de Anton!  We had to get a taxi to the entrance to the Valle and then another bus to our stop. A cheap two hour journey ended up becoming a very expensive six hour journey. But at least we were there.

We were put in a nine bed dorm, not a private one like we had talked about but oh well, but were the only ones in it, and tried to get some sleep. Hoping the next stage would be easier than that day.

Fingers pointlessly crossed.



One thought on “Panama City

  1. Another good read Liv (especially liked the bit where you said You were learning English !!! xx Looking forward to the next one x


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