The beginning

“Shall we go away?”

“Okay, why not.”

That’s how it started, around the 28th of December, my partner wanted to leave his job, I didn’t have one, no kids, no pets, no mortgage; no better time than now.

I had two jobs at the beginning of the year, one at a children’s theme park, Gulliver’s which I loved, and the other a support worker and note taker for university students.

By October end – I had neither. Gulliver’s was seasonal work, and my job as a support worked came to an end because of the racism I have received, my boss basically said, not in these complete terms, either deal with it or leave… so I left.

I had a 1st degree, and lots of varied work experience, I should – by rights – be able to find work. I had done okay before, I had also realised if you don’t say you have autism, they may consider hiring you. Did it work this time?   No.  It had got to the stage where Wetherspoons would not even offer me an interview.

Completely downbeat and depressed by this point, my job at the uni hadn’t help either, my boyfriend said, “we always said we had wanted to live abroad, why not go now, while we still can? ”

So that’s what we did. We sold out furniture, terminated our rent agreement, boxed up, booked a flight and by March we were in Jamaica.

We are doing this thing called workaway – which I would suggest if you want to travel cheaply and want to see the real life of people who live in these cultures and are willing to work.

We work four or five hours a day in return for food and accommodation, we wanted to work to keep up with work experience and to immerse ourselves in real culture, not the touristy side of the counties we were visiting. We are planning to travel for as long as  we can, we are aiming for a year. So here goes.

I am told I am very brave, to give everything up, and head out to the completely unknown, even if I don’t have Autism… and Dyslexia…and Dyspraxia. But if you don’t try. I may never know.

It took 24 hours and a few ups and downs. But on the 22nd of March, about 12pm UK time, we landed in Jamaica and my adventure began.

Wish me luck.

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